I am a Senior Dotnet programmer

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My last position as a senior .net developer was held at Edenred company. Bellow is an extract of my cv where I depict my last mission.

General context :

Edenred specializes in the creation of meal vouchers and gift vouchers for companies. In an international team context, the Dotnet team manages the access of customers and partners to Edenred APIs and is in charge of protecting its customers' resources by offering them a gateway to its resources via APIs from authentication based on OpenID and Oauth 2.0 protocols, all hosted in an Azure Cloud.

Project subject: Development of micro services and web APIs.

Work done :

Development of Edenred connect V4 features based on IdentityServer4.

Development of the Edenred Identity Micro Service, migration to Dotnet core 3.1.

Support to international customer teams.

Is your software infrastructure getting old? 

Are you looking for someone who is comfortable with the technologies of yesterday and today while having a keen eye on what the technologies of tomorrow will be? 

Do you need someone who can help your team make the transition from yesterday to what's happening today?

With 20 years of experience as an IT engineer, I have developed skills in various programming languages such as Java, C ++ and C #. Some choose to be hyper-specialist and limit themselves to a single programming environment. I have chosen to adopt the continuous learning strategy early in my career and have learned as many frameworks and programming languages as it was strategic for me to learn. Before devoting my time to programming, I tried electronics, electricity and also read books on various subjects like business, economics or even accounting, then I started by assembling most of my first computers, I was interested in creating my own personal networks with several old PCs before virtual machines were created. So I'll define myself as a holistic developer because you can't limit yourself to being just a javascript, c#, mobile or a cloud programer, you need to have an open mind. Developing software is not simple, but I think it's best to look at things globally rather than locally if you don't want to be lost in this era of hyper technology.

Today you have to master the Dotnet world, the Java world, the mobile phone world or even the Cloud world! With all this complexity, my learning strategy proved to be a winner one.

The reason for this blog is to put my contribution into this great knowledge base that is the Internet, but it is also a way for me to monitor technologies without the constraint of being forced to do it later.

You can reach me on www.devolution-it.com for any collaboration request.